DRMS Background

The Disaster Response Map Symbols (DRMS) Project is an effort to create a standard set of symbols that may aid disaster managers and responders to create efficient maps, capable of distributing and facilitating the analysis of information in a fast and easy manner. 

Maps used in disaster response operations (both in printed or digital support) usually need to include large amounts of information. As such, strategies must be found to display symbols that can be easily identifiable including when represented in small sizes. The DRMS does not intend to replace existing symbols but offer an alternative covering a wide range of infrastructures, events and resources. 

The DRMS symbols were developed by responders and feedback was also given by officers and continues to be accepted in an ongoing manner, allowing for future versions to include both a larger and more efficient symbols, attuned to the needs of responders worldwide. The DRMS includes 5 families of symbols divided in two different fonts (DRMS T1) including vehicles, infrastructures, mobile/temporary services and teams, events and ships. In the DRMS are also included a number of special symbols.


Visit the download section for the symbols and support materials.

Using the free software MicroDEM (as seen bellow), users may easily create maps employing the DRMS symbols (included in the installation package) including the damage levels, house search and rescue markers, and many other useful functions.
DRMS with MicroDEM

Example of simple map using the DRMS symbols with the different damage levels.

Example Map

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